OLLI garderie

OLLI garderie an incredible daycare located in city center Saint-Bruno.

OLLI garderie is a modern academy for children up to 5 years old. We believe that each child is capable of anything. These first years are essential. At OLLI they are free to explore and develop what interests them. This is why our educational program incorporates interesting and creative subjects such as sciences, law and literature.  All taking place in a location of the highest quality. Laughs, discoveries, memories are always on the menu at OLLI. Don’t hesitate to visit us!

New School Year

Spend an incredible year with OLLI. We have many outings planned where we will learn, play and filled with new experiences. Visit our daily schedule to see our variate of creative courses. Everyday holds new adventures.

All our activities, courses, outings, book, and themes are adapted to the needs of our children.



OLLI garderie’s mission is to help each child grow, become autonomous and to acquire the knowledge and skills in order to succeed in building a strong foundation for the future. The daycare’s main objective is to develop rich language, organizational, comprehensive, and reading.

Your child will establish lasting relationships with their classmates and adults. They will develop motor, sensory, relational, and intellectual abilities as they progressively become a student ready for elementary school. They’ll discover the world of writing.

Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten at OLLI are without rigid schedules and present your children to the primary learning subjects such as languages, artistic practices, physical education and sports. History, geography and writing are explored throughout the year. In addition, children will be learning mathematics, technology, perform experiments, the science of developing taste and flavors, and abstraction skills and precision.

Outdoor activities take place at our on site outdoor play area in a large environment with mature trees and firs, offering protection from the sun. Physical activity and team sports contribute to motor, sensory, emotional and intellectual development of the child. It is an opportunity to explore and express themselves in familiar environments.

The Bistro

OLLI uses only the best ingredients. All our dishes are prepared on site, at BISTRO OLLI. The BISTRO OLLI managers have set up healthy menus. Everyday, the BISTRO OLLI menu presents delicious meals and snacks. Our menus are elaborated according to the arrivals and the seasons, in all freshness. Salads are gaining popularity and there is plenty of choice: fish, fresh organic fruits and vegetables, smoothies and premium pressed juices, soups and purés, yogurt and pastries. OLLI prepares dishes and snacks with fresh, local ingredients, without additives and preservatives.

Cooking is also a time of learning with our little ones.

Preparing small dishes together is an opportunity to teach your child mathematics and develop their sense of creativity, but above all to make them taste new foods and develop their taste and smell. A booklet containing all the recipes prepared during the workshops will be given to them so that they can reproduce their many gourmet adventures at home.


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Contact us for all information:
1435 Rue Roberval
Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC J3V 3P7